Story Snack- Limelight Larry

I thought a little book review
Might be kind of fun to do.
I’ll read the pages ’till “The End”
Then I’ll share it with my friends.
We’ll make a snack , all in fun

Then scarf it down until it’s done.
After I have filled my tummy
With mommy’s snack, oh so yummy
My eyes are tired and getting droopy
So mommy reaches down and scoops me
In her arms ,
so I can rest, and fall asleep against her chest .

Today we read the book “Introducing Limelight Larry”. Emily loved the illustrations, the animals and the voices I did to go with each. I thought the book was cute. It shows the importance of keeping your friends close. I could read deeper into it, I see allegory everywhere, but I’ll leave it at that. This book is the perfect length for a bedtime story. It also reminded me of my 3 rd favorite book as a child “The Monster at the End of this Book”. I give it 4 out of 5 stars:) It loses a star, due to Larry’s bad attitude. No one likes a show off, Larry. I don’t feel like he learned his lesson. I will be buying the other books in this series to see if he gets treatment for his Narcissistic Personality Disorder. In the meantime, here is the Peacock Story Snack we made 🙂





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