Candy Man 

Sweet talker,

Sweet talker 

You take me on a ride 

You take me up so high 

Your honey dipped lips 

Your venom laced kiss 
They’re making me forget

About the fork in your tongue

And the way you both split

How you come 
Then you’re gone 
How you string me along

Say just what I want

Give just what I need 
Beat ’round the bush

And then you just leave 

         Sweet Talker

You take my breath away

With every word you say 
         You batter me 
          With flattery, 
      Fan an open flame. 
     You dangle and tease 
  Forbidden fruit on the tree
          Coated  in candy

    Cream filled with insanity

      Deliciously bad for me 
           But I can’t resist 
          I binge on your love 
        Then you make me sick 
               Sweet talker 
      You dirty little sweet talker



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