Green Day!

Since I didn’t do a story yesterday, I decided, instead to pick a color to make the theme of the day. Yes, I stole this idea from Sesame Street. 🙂 Yesterday we did the color green. We listened to Green Day ,on Pandora, in the morning and during “dance party” time , she wore a green outfit, played with her green toys and I put green food coloring in her snacks.
I had a lot of fun doing this with her! I tried to get her to pick the green block out of her toys all day, no success, but maybe next time! We ‘re just focusing on basic colors right now ; red, yellow, blue ,and green. I’m also counting to 3 a lot ; every time we get in the pool, also when she jumps off the side to me, when she’s got to 3 to stop misbehaving , Ect. I’m going to look for some activities to do with numbers so that we can do a number/color combo day 🙂 Any ideas would be appreciated!




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